MUJAKU Junmai Daiginjo

The highest glory of Japanese sake

Produced by the Horie Brewery established in the middle of the Edo era in 1764, the Mujaku Sake is made of 100% Isehikari rice, the best rice from Ise Jingu, and milled down to a very low polishing ratio of 18%.

It’s made using the purest underground spring water from the Nishiki River. The hard water is rich in minerals and it’s chosen because of its high quality and purity. Mujaku is a very rare and premium vintage’s sake with high aging potential. Unlike other sake with limited ageing ability, Mujaku will gain complexity from bottle ageing, like a fine wine. With an annual production of only 1000 bottles, Mujaku is distributed only to private collectors and exclusive partners.

Springwater from the pure Nishiki river

Horie sake brewery is located at the northernmost of the famous Nishiki river which runs through Iwakuni City from north to south, and was selected as one of the best hundred bodies of water in Japan.

It is known that the best sake comes from the purest water, and water has the potential to change the taste of the sake greatly, for this reason Horie Brewery makes Mujaku, its most premium sake using only this water source.

Rice was born in the field of the Ise Jingu

The Isehikari rice was farmed in the illustrious Ise jingu shrine fields in Heisei era, and is treated as special rice. The rice fields used in the production of Mujaku are grown by reducing agricultural chemicals and using organic fertilizer in order to produce the highest quality rice possible.

The best polished rice

We harvest the Isehikari rice and polish it like diamonds. Shinpaku is the center of the of rice, and the most important part of the grain for making sake. The closer rice is to shinpaku, the better we can make good sake, and this is the reason Mujaku milled down to a minimum of 18% of its original size.

The traditional Sake brewery

Horie sake brewery was established in the middle of the Edo era(1764), and is the oldest sake brewery in this area. It’s located about an hour's ride upstream the Nishiki, running along the valley between the mountains.

It is surrounded by wonderful natural environment where Toji continues to make the best original sake, mixing traditional ways with modern skills.

Mr. Fuzen Horie, the master brewer at the Horie Sake Brewery, who had originally studied aged sake at Tokyo University of Agriculture, took the challenge to produce the most expensive sake in Japan, and was attracted by the phrase "as good as wine”, when consumers try his exclusive creation “Mujaku”.

When we used hard water from the uppermost reaches of the Nishiki River and polished it to an uncommon 18% through trial and error, a strong, sweet, and unique flavor emerged. Mr. Horie is proud of the fact that the sake was appreciated more by foreigners for its taste than for its concept.

——Fuzen Horie

The Character of Mujaku

The raw material chosen to make Mujaku was Isehikari, a rice found in the Kanda area of the Ise Shrine and grown in Nishiki-cho by a farmer associated with the shrine. In addition to the ingredients and people from his hometown, the hurdles he had to overcome ignited the spirit of the master brewer.

In order to make a particularly good sake, special attention is dedicated to the process of fermentation and to the quality of the rice and water.

Mujaku is distributed nowadays to directly to collectors, and exclusive restaurants and hotels such as Armani Restaurant in the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, at Matsuya Ginza where is sold besides Romanee Conti, and at Madison Wine in Hong Kong.

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