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Madison Wine is proud to announce that we are the Official Distributor of Vega Sicilia in Hong Kong.

Vega Sicilia of Ribera del Duero, is a milestone of Spanish wine, and the name of the winery literally means ‘Sicilia’s fields’. Before its emergence in popularity since being purchased by the Alvarez family in 1982, nearly no one bet an eye lid to Spanish wine made from Tinto Fino grape, i.e. Tempranillo.
Ever since gaining the status of DO in 1982, Vega Sicilia is recognised as the winery who competes with Bordeaux first growths. Its prolonged aged UNICO and Valbuena 5° have always been their legendary wines, UNICO is made from Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon, once aged at least 10 years in barrel but now the process is shortened to 4 or 5 years. Valbuena 5° is a younger version, made from Tempranillo and Merlot with shorter ageing. UNICO Reserva Especial is the blend of three vintages from UNICO making it the first non-vintage premium Spanish wine.

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Vega Sicilia does not limit themselves to one winery only, they acquired nearby wineries including Alion in Ribera del Duero, Pintia in Toro and Macan in Rioja for their outstanding quality. Later they spread their wings to Hungary, its winery Oremus is the birthplace of beautiful dry white and other mesmerising sweets.

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麥迪森 (Madison Wine) 酒業十分榮幸地宣布,我們已經成為 Vega Sicilia (貝加·西西里亞) 香港地區官方指定代理。

Ribera del Duero 的 Vega Sicilia 是西班牙葡萄酒的里程碑,酒莊名就是「西西里亞的田野」之意。自 Alvarez 家族於 1982 年買入酒莊前,世人根本對西班牙以Tinto Fino葡萄即 Tempranillo 釀成的酒不屑一顧。
而自Ribera del Duero 於 1982 年獲得法定産區地位後,Vega Sicilia 被喻爲能與波爾多一級酒莊爭一日之長短的西班牙酒莊,經過長時間陳年的UNICO和Valbuena 5°從來都是酒莊最傳奇葡萄酒。UNICO 是 Tempranillo 和 Cabernet Sauvignon 混釀,的陳年時期曾經超逾十年,不過最近已減至四、五年;Valbuena 5°則是比較年輕版本,以 Tempranillo 配合 Merlot 使其果香更豐盛,UNICO Reserva Especial 就是把 UNICO 的三個年分混合,是西班牙第一瓶沒有年份的高檔葡萄酒。

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而來自附近産區的 Alion、Pintia 和 Macan 也同樣優質,Alion 和 Vega Sicilia 同位於 Ribera del Duero,而 Pintia 位於 Toro, 而 Macan 則於 Rioja,這些酒莊釀製品質高檔的葡萄酒,所以吸引 Vega Sicilia 的青睞並投入專業知識。其後,Vega Sicilia 更伸延影響力到匈牙利,成立 Oremus 酒莊,也是美麗的乾白酒和甜酒的誕生地。


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