About Madison Wine
Madison Wine always tries to be the finest merchant in wine.

Our first shop Madison Wine was set up on Queen’s Road East in June 2012, connecting Central and Causeway Bay with a mixed traffic of financial relaxed people and tourists. Since the opening, we have been supported by dedicated fine and rare wine lovers in Hong Kong.

In June 2015, our flagship store is relocated to Gloucester Road with a continuously growing selection of rare, fine and premium wines. At Madison Wine, hospitality is highly valued; in March 2015, we successfully obtained the “Quality Tourism Services Scheme – Retail Shops” certification, a prestigious achievement in the service industry, awarded by the Hong Kong Tourism Board for recognizing the excellent service provided by us.


In February 2014, we entered another phase by setting up our wine storage warehouse in North Point, providing professional wine storage services to our customers. (HKQAA WSMS – Fine Wine: 2013). In December 2016, a 20,000 sq.ft. professional wine cellar was opened in Yau Tong to cater for further storage needs. With continuous growth and success of the Group, Madison Wine Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 8057) goes public and is listed on the Hong Kong Exchange on 8 October 2015.

We aim at integrating wine culture from the West with the traditions of the East; by providing a relaxed environment for customers to enjoy and appreciate our collection of fine wines from around the world. Our shop is chic, contemporary yet classic utilizing natural materials to harmonize with the concept of the vine and vineyard. Customers are invited to immerse in the world of fine and rare wines here with us at Madison Wine.